Call for Exhibitors

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The 9th IEEE/IFIP Network Operations and Management Symposium (NOMS 2004) & Exhibition will be held 19-23 April, 2004 in COEX Convention Center, Seoul, Korea. This symposium is expected to bring together approximately 500 participants in the area of network operations and management. NOMS 2004 will present the latest approaches and technical solutions. We hope that COEX will prove to be an excellent venue for exhibiting your products and technologies. Exhibits will address the ever-increasing interest in overall management solutions for all types of communications and computing networks, systems, services and enterprise applications.


General Information


20(Tue)-22(Thu) April, 2004


COEX Convention Center, Seoul Korea

Organized by


Schedule for Exhibition


Exhibition Installation
Exhibition Period
Exhibition Dismantling

April 19
April 20 ~ April 22
April 22 (after 18:00 p.m.)

Application Deadline

December 27, 2003

Exhibition Items
- Systems & Solutions of Vendors
       - Systems & Solutions of Operators
       - Equipment and Solutions of IT Companies
       - Etc.





Total participation fee is required with application upon confirmation by contract


Booth Allocation and Dispatch of Exhibitor Manual


The 9th IEEE/IFIP NOMS 2004 Grand Opening: April 20, 2004


¡Ü Booth Rates




Shell Scheme Stand (Package Space)


2.5m×2m = 5§³/ 1 booth

* Space will be assigned to all applicants on a ¡°first come, first served basis¡± in the order in which the applications are received.

* Booth rental fee includes: - Rental of space provided

                                      - Availability of promotional materials

                                      - Round-the-clock guard service

                                      - Aisle clean up (daily)


¡Ü Exhibitor Registration Fee 






Admittance to 3 lunches (April 20~22), coffee breaks and banquet


 ¡Ü Utility Charges (Including Connection Fee) 


Unit Price

(Only daytime)

Single phase 220V
Three phase 220V
Three phase 380V

$50 US/KW

Internet Connection

Shared T1

$200 US/port


 ¡Ü Payment and Cancellation  

Total participation fee is required with application upon confirmation by contract. The charge for cancellation received prior to January 31, 2004 is 50% of total participation fee. No refund for cancellation received after February 1, 2004 will be given. Payment can be made using credit card or wire transfer.


Bank: Kookmin Bank

Account number: 619068-03-100266

Swift Code: CZNBKRSE

Account holder¡¯s name: NOMS 2004

Address: 780-183, Daejam-dong, Nam-gu, Pohang-si, Gyeongbuk, 790-310, Korea


* Please send us a receipt of remittance by fax.


 ¡Ü Shell Scheme Stand  

Shell stand includes:

- Side and rear walls

- Fascia board

- Spot lights (100W×3)

- A fluorescent lamp (40W)

- Carpeting

- Information desk and chair (1 each) Electricity supply for spot lights and fluorescent lamps (1KW)



  ¡Ü For further information, please contact:  

NOMS 2004 Secretariat

 5th Fl, Marine Center New Building

 51, Sogong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea (100-070)

 Tel: +82-2-726-5558           Fax: +82-2-778-2514

 E-mail: info@noms2004.org  

 Homepage: www.noms2004.org


¢º Hall Layout ¢¸



Application Form/Contract

Application Deadline: December 27, 2003  

Description of Applicant







Zip Code




Contact Person

First Name


Last Name










Main Exhibits Item



Application and Participation Fee


 Application / Requirements

 Unit price



 (               ) Person(s)

 US $ 300/person

 US $

 Shell Schemed Stand

 (               ) booth(s)

 US $ 2,000/booth

 US $

Sub Total (1)

 US $


 Application / Requirements



 Single phase 220V

(           ) X US$ 35/KW

  US $

 Three phase 220V

(           ) X US$ 35/KW

  US $

 Three phase 380V

(           ) X US$ 35/KW

  US $

Internet Connection

Shared T1

(           ) X US$ 35/KW

  US $

Sub Total (2)

  US $

Grand Total (Sub Total 1+2)

  US $


 Bank Transfer


Account number:

Swift Code:

Account holder¡¯s name:

 US $

 Credit Card

Card No.:

Expiry Date (month/year):

Cardholder¡¯s Name:

Cardholder¡¯s Signature:

 US $

*Please fax this application and receipt of remittance (if paid by bank transfer) to the NOMS 2004 Secretariat. We accept herewith legally binding the conditions for participation in the exhibition.





Stamp of firm and binding signature


In case of typhoon, earthquake, flood, fire or other causes beyond the control of the host, NOMS 2004 Organizing Committee may cancel the symposium. If this should happen, NOMS 2004 will return the exhibition registration fee with the deduction of no more than 10% of the original exhibition registration fee.


If you are interested in becoming NOMS 2004 Exhibitors, please contact the Exhibits Co-Chairs: