IM 2005 Venue Pictures


Nice Acropolis Exhibition Center Main Entrance View


2nd floor, Keynote Session Auditorium Entrance


Keynote Session Auditorium (from rear to front view)


Keynote Session Auditorium (from front to rear view)


This is the area that can be divided into three technical and tutorial session rooms. You can see that the ceiling is not very high and the pillars that can block the views to the front when partitions are removed as shown here.


There are 6 rooms similar to this, which were originally suggested for holding tutorials but they are too small and not so pretty, especially when we use beam projectors and screens. Our suggestion is to use one of these rooms for committee meetings and another one for operations room.


This is the empty space that is available when you walk up or use escalator from 1st to 2nd floor and that is being suggested for breakfasts and lunch...


This is the terrace on top of the Sofitel Hotel which is located right adjacent to the Exhibition Center. This area is being proposed for the Welcome Reception and can hold up to 200 people.


Well, this is one of the nice views of Nice from the Sofitel Hotel Terrace.


Here is a shot of the site visit team (James, Muriel and Ejiri-san)